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2017-04-28 | Connected mobility

“Just driving” was yesterday – the personal assistant is tomorrow

*Connected, automated, and personalized: Bosch has a new take on mobility and is turning the car into people’s third living space *New user interfaces ensure more security, more comfort, and fewer distractions when driving *Cars are becoming personal assistants on four wheels más

2017-04-27 | Noticias Corporativas

Industry 4.0 from Bosch: a new level of efficiency

*Safe format changes thanks to RFID technology *Efficient maintenance support – on-site and via remote connection *Augmented and Virtual Reality applications offer support with maintenance, troubleshooting and training más

2017-04-25 | Noticias Corporativas

Industry 4.0: a new level of quality

*Focus on highest product quality for end consumers and patients *Transparent and safe processes thanks to machine data in real-time *Future-proof serialization – for pharmaceuticals and food products más

2017-04-25 | Noticias Corporativas

eMountain bikes: Relaxation and Adventure

*Multiple opportunities with the eMTB: three bikers tell their story *Bosch eBike Systems backs the new trend: eMountain biking *Uphill Flow – a new-style riding sensation moving the MTB scene más

2017-04-19 | Automated mobility

Bosch launches its automated driving initiative in China

* “Automated driving will only be possible with high-precision maps,” says Bosch board of management member Dr. Rolf Bulander. * Together with China's Baidu internet group, Bosch puts an automated test vehicle on Chinese roads. * In 2016, Bosch Mobility Solutions in China grew much more quickly than the market, with sales growth of 23.5 percent. * At Auto Shanghai, Bosch is presenting its solutions for its vision of the stress-free, accident-free, and emissions-free mobility of the future. más

2017-04-19 | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

Bosch is turning robots into colleagues

*Dr. Stefan Hartung: “People and machines will work more closely together than ever before. Industry 4.0 makes work easier” *Adaptable production allows manufacturers to react quickly to market needs *More than one billion euros in extra sales at Bosch by 2020 más

2017-04-19 | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

How Bosch is connecting manufacturing– and the benefits this brings workers and companies

*Market launch: retrofit multisensor *Connected manufacturing for Osram workforce: app for real-time machine data *Old machinery, rapid connectivity, new benefits: IoT gateway *Energy platform: lower energy costs and CO2 emissions *Twice the volume with factory connectivity: Bosch brake control systems *Industry 4.0 production line for various control systems más

2017-04-18 | Automated mobility

In an emergency, many cars can already brake themselves

*One in four newly registered cars in Germany in 2015 had an automatic emergency braking system on board. *Emergency braking systems can help reduce rear-end collisions resulting in injury by up to 72 percent. *Bosch board of management member Hoheisel: “Driver assistance systems are paving the way for automated driving.” *Worldwide, nearly 3,000 Bosch engineers are working to develop driver assistance systems as well as automated driving and parking. más

2017-04-18 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch presents innovations for the biscuit industry

*World’s most flexible biscuit packaging system is now even more advanced *Gentle handling and maximum performance with minimal footprint *Industry 4.0 solutions increase productivity más

2017-04-13 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch introduces scalable cookie and cracker packaging systems at interpack 2017

*Vibratory distribution and automatic feeding for sweet and savoury biscuits *Fast and reliable production with scalability in mind *Integrated cartoning and case packing solution for improved performance más

2017-04-13 | Business/economy

Components for the connected future: Bosch opens new electronic plant in Changzhou, China

*Until 2019: Bosch will invest over 100 million euro (800 million CNY) *Production of components for automated driving and connectivity *Strengthening the localization strategy of Bosch in the Chinese market *Connected manufacturing: Lead plant for Industry 4.0 for Bosch in China más

2017-04-12 | Noticias Corporativas

interpack 2017: Bosch launches its new system for producing WFI using membrane processes

*The unit fulfills the requirements for cold WFI production for the European market *Chemical sanitization as an optional extra *In-process checks for microbes and carbon content más

2017-04-12 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch hires Dolkhani


2017-04-07 | Noticias Corporativas

Industry 4.0: a new level of productivity

*HMI 4.0: central element of the connected factory *Facilitating maintenance processes, increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness *Future outlook: more intelligence within machines más

2017-04-07 | Connected mobility

My car, my hero: what the connected vehicle will be capable of doing on the streets of the future