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2018-02-16 | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

Bosch extends its Industry 4.0 portfolio

*Dr. Stefan Hartung: “We need to assemble the best possible team” *Bosch supports customers in connecting the entire value chain *Bosch is actively shaping change in the industry, and taking advantage of all available opportunities *500 associates in Germany, Hungary, and China más

2018-02-16 | Noticias Corporativas

Comprehensive extension of the Bosch FILTER+ range of high-performance cabin filters

*High market coverage of cabin filters for almost any vehicle *New FILTER+ effectively protects allergy sufferers *Fitting instructions included for easy fitting más

2018-02-14 | Connected mobility

How Bosch is transforming driving with connected services

*From sharing to multimodal: services for stress-free urban mobility. *From smart parking to lifesavers from the cloud: services for connected cars and a relaxed, convenient, and safe drive. *Connectivity is a driver to stress-free, accident-free, and emissions-free mobility. más

2018-02-13 | Noticias Corporativas

New Bosch eMTB-Challenge season gets underway

*Successful debut of the new Bosch eMountain bike racing format *Concept offers riding enjoyment and Uphill Flow off-road *In 2018 the eMTB-Challenge will take place in five countries más

2018-02-12 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch Security Systems to become Bosch Building Technologies

*Renaming effective March 1, 2018 *New name reflects greater portfolio breadth *Names of legal entities to remain unchanged *Video systems, intrusion detection, and access control business units to be merged to form Security business unit for integrated solutions más

2018-02-08 | Working at Bosch

On your bike – Bosch offers bike leasing to more than 100,000 associates

*Combined works agreement to promote low-emissions mobility for associates *Cycling is good for associates’ health and creativity *Kübel, director of industrial relations: “We want to help improve the air quality in cities.” *Mai, combined works council chairwoman: “Associates can use the bike for work and private purposes.” más

2018-02-07 | Noticias Corporativas

Makes light work of cutting branches, thick or thin: Bosch EasyPrune power-assisted cordless secateurs

*Effortless cutting: Cut branches with a diameter of up to 25 millimeters *A cut above the rest: Cuts cleanly into any material, from fibrous to thick *A tool that just keeps on going: Up to 450 cuts with a single battery charge más

2018-02-06 | Noticias Corporativas

PRAESENSA sets new industry benchmark

*All system components are IP-networked for highest flexibility and scalability *Amplifier architecture allocates power intelligently for very competitive cost of ownership *No single point of failure with built-in redundancy *User-centric call station design delivers an intuitive interface más

2018-02-01 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch adds intuitive interpreter desk to IP-based DICENTIS Conference System

*Optimized for the real-life needs of interpreters *Simplified, intuitive and ergonomic design *Best-in-class user experience *Up to 100 interpreted languages más

2018-02-01 | Working at Bosch

Working Out Loud at Bosch


2018-02-01 | Working at Bosch

The future of work: virtual expert networks boost effectiveness

*Digital transformation: agile working environment benefits from active expert networks *Working Out Loud (WOL): method of learning how to collaborate digitally and develop personal virtual networks *Director of Industrial Relations Christoph Kübel: “Working Out Loud allows us to enhance our innovative strength during the digital transformation.” *Globally connected: already more than 1,000 WOL participants from over 40 countries *Systematic approach: every year, Bosch invests 250 million euros in professional development más

2018-01-31 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch presents innovations in hygienic filling and sealing technology at Anuga FoodTec 2018

*50 years’ experience in hygienic filling for pre-made cups and bottles *Inline filling machine Ampack FCL awarded 3-A certificate *Single source solution approach meets market demands más

2018-01-30 | Working at Bosch | Internet of Things | Research | Business/economy | Automated mobility | Smart Home | Connected mobility | Powertrain systems | Industry 4.0 | Electrified mobility

Bosch significantly increases sales and earnings

*Sales increase to some 78 billion euros *Result from operations climbs to 5.3 billion euros *Mobility Solutions business sector grows faster than automotive production *New Industry 4.0 unit has 500 associates *A host of solutions for smart agriculture and smart cities *Bosch CEO Denner: “We recognized the potential of connectivity early on and are now converting it into business success.” más

2018-01-30 | Working at Bosch | Internet of Things | Powertrain systems | Electrified mobility | Business/economy | Industry 4.0 | Automated mobility | Connected mobility | Smart Home | Research

A successful business year in 2017


2018-01-30 | Internet of Things | Research | Industry 4.0 | Connected mobility | Smart Home

More space for maverick thinkers

*Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH moves into 5,000 square-meter former factory shop *Workspaces designed by artists *Creative environment to foster innovative business ideas más