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2017-06-23 | Noticias Corporativas

Strengthening the position in the European HVAC market

*MTA produces commercial and industrial cooling systems with a focus on chiller and heat pump technology *Some 400 people work at the head office and the three production facilities in north-eastern Italy as well as the six sales subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Australia *Sales partnerships in the UK, Russia and more than another 70 countries más

2017-06-22 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch launches ABS for pedelec users

*Improved safety thanks to Bosch eBike ABS *More efficient braking resulting in more stable eBiking *Introductory phase with selected fleet partners starting Autumn 2017 más

2017-06-20 | Internet of Things | Smart Home

A smart city in China: Bosch to make Tianjin intelligent


2017-06-19 | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0 | Connected mobility

New Bosch wafer fab in Dresden, Germany


2017-06-19 | Internet of Things | Connected mobility | Industry 4.0

Key technology for the internet of things: Bosch to set up new semiconductor fab in Dresden, Germany


2017-06-13 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch launches enhanced version of toploading collator

*Improved reliability with a new feature for jam prevention *Extended modularity for simple integration with one or two upstream machines *Enhanced versatility for fast and tool-less format change más

2017-06-13 | Noticias Corporativas

Keeping an eye on Caravaggio: Bosch supports Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum migration from analogue to IP video surveillance

*Creation of a single integrated video surveillance system, receiving and managing all alarms centrally *Migration from analogue video cameras to IP cameras for 24/7 360° video surveillance *Camera’s “museum mode” creates virtual protective barriers around artefacts, replacing the more expensive infrared light barrier protection más

2017-06-12 | Research | Internet of Things | Business/economy | Connected mobility

Stable supply chains thanks to digital assistants

*Bosch and partners successfully complete ProveIT research project *Three-year collaboration results in integrated planning and management platform, app for truck drivers, and services for material and transportation planners *Goals have been achieved: better capacity utilization, reduced cost, lower CO2 emissions, and support for material and transportation planners *Flexible and reliable logistics networks are a fundamental element of connected manufacturing (Industry 4.0) más

2017-06-09 | Working at Bosch

Company social services go online

*First large company to offer online social services for associates *Simple and anonymous access to expert help *Chief personnel officer Christoph Kübel: “The company social services support associates who are in challenging situations.” más

2017-06-08 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch launches a pilot fermenter for manufacturing APIs

*System can process batch sizes ranging from eight to 50 liters *High-precision dosing of liquid process media with syringe pumps *Fermenter offers both batch and continuous manufacturing más

2017-06-08 | Connected mobility

Switzerland is home to what may be the world’s smartest freight trains

*Bosch supplies the connectivity system for SBB Cargo’s fleet of freight cars *Smart freight cars know where they are, as well as their condition and that of their load, and monitor safety-critical components *Connected freight transport is necessary for efficient logistics processes *Next step: Assisted switching más

2017-06-08 | Electrified mobility

New record: more than 9,000 people take part in Bosch eBike Systems’ Training Tour

*Record number of participants *Bosch specialists share their in-depth know-how más

2017-06-07 | Internet of Things | Business/economy

Indian start-ups with Bosch DNA: Nurturing 13 business ideas from lab-to-market

*Responding early to new trends: Bosch mentors are working with 13 start-ups *Heavy investment: 144 million euros invested in Indian locations in 2016 *Strong sales: Bosch generated 1.8 billion euros generated in India in 2016 más

2017-06-07 | Automated mobility

A world first: Bosch creates a map that uses radar signals for automated driving

*It is expected that by 2020 at the latest, the first vehicles will provide data for the radar road signature in Europe and the U.S. *“Radar road signature will enable automated vehicles to reliably determine their location at all times,” says Bosch board of management member Hoheisel. *Bosch’s radar road signature is compatible with all conventional map formats. más

2017-06-01 | Noticias Corporativas

Smarter parking. Secure parking.

*Logistics companies offer secure truck parking spaces *Bosch and Gebrüder Weiss start a pilot project in Austria *Bosch establishes a Europe-wide network with forwarding companies más